Bicycle Baby Carriers – Safety for Your Child

Dandy Bicycle carrier is a revolutionary product enabling you to carry your child in the front of you while riding. This gives comfort you will not get with any other baby carrier, and is way safer for you child than carriers based in the back.

This safe baby carrier can be attached to any standard bicycle! What you get is a very stable 3-wheeled cycle.

Baby carrier

This approach is more safe than baby carriers in attached to the back because you can always see your child and your bicycle becomes a 3 wheeled cycle which is more stable, especially on slippery surfaces, bringing even more safety for your child.

Also, carriers attached to the back tend to get all the road dirt from rear wheel. This will not happen with Dandy baby carriers.

Model Dandy JOY has extra front wheel and can be used separately as a stroller while detached! We also offer a larger 16″ front wheel so you can use detached stroller for in-line skating.


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